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What clients are saying about working with Creative Solutions Organizing

New organized spaces

"When I first thought about hiring a professional organizer, I had thoughts of some bossy person coming into my home passing judgement on my piles of clutter. After 10 minutes with Amy however, my fears were dispelled. She wasn't bossy at all. She listened, gave some suggestions, and then worked with me to carefully organize my space so it made sense. I was so pleased with our first session that I booked 3 more sessions. She has a positive outlook and is undaunted by what I consider to be overwhelming. She didn't rush through the organizing process but rather took the time needed to consider each item. It is by far the best investment I've made in my home in a long time. Amy takes the stress out of organizing and she was worth every penny!" 

                                                                                                                                Sue M, Penfield, NY

Happy senior & family

"Your assistance and service to our family far exceeded my expectations. You developed a very positive relationship with our senior relative that needed to move to assisted living. This enabled him to trust and let go of so many things he no longer needed. Your ability to organize, sort and discard any remaining items was skillful and effective. You helped to define steps needed to clear a home with years of belongings and identify other service providers to assist in the process."

                                                                                                                         Martha N, Perinton, NY

A no longer overwhelmed home

"Amy spent a week helping me sort out the contents of my mother's home after she passed away. It had gotten quite out of hand in recent years, so it was a very big job. Amy was very helpful. There was a lot of sorting to be done, and she was just the right person for the job. She helped me see what I should save and what could be donated or discarded. She was a dream to work with and I will call her when I need her talents again. I highly recommend her."

                                                                                                                             K.J Perinton, NY

A nice neat functioning home

"Amy is excellent. After a year of living out of boxes after a fast move to a new city, Amy helped me organize a beautiful apartment in a short period of time. Amy works to make the organizational systems work for her client's individual needs. For example, I have many complex files, but now I have a great attractive system to keep them all in one place. Amy has great advise for organizational furniture and items, and she helped me find good local vendors and online vendors as well. Most importantly, Amy is sensitive and oriented toward what works for the lifestyle and work-style of her client, something important when arranging someone's home and home office. I look forward to working with Amy again in the future and I am excited about my newly arranged space!"

                                                                                                                            Owen, Rochester, NY

Successfully organizing through life changes

"I started working with Amy when I was overwhelmed by the amount of papers and other items as I prepared my house for sale after my husband died. She was invaluable in helping me deal with it all, keeping me focused and moving ahead steadily. She was sympathetic but kept me from getting bogged down in memories and emotions as we worked. After we finally completed the process of purging and moving everything, I used her again in my new house. We organized the many things that got moved here and helped me to set up systems to allow me to continue to stay organized. I especially appreciate her willingness to deliver items for donation, recycling and the like, since I know myself well enough to know that having classified items doesn't mean I will carry through with delivering them to the appropriate places! I highly recommend Amy for a wide variety of organizing tasks. She is personable, flexible and competent"

​                                                                                                                         Mary, Rochester, NY

An easy move to independent living

"I am a senior who recently spoke with a representative from an independent living complex and Amy was suggested as an organizer, packer, moving coordinator, and to get me settled into my new home. I chose to interview and possibly hire Amy. During the prepping and moving process I found Amy punctual, hardworking, smart and pleasant. I believe that Amy can be a great help in putting loose ends together in the moving process. She can be very important in putting things together well for anyone who needs her services."

​                                                                                                                        Jack G, Rochester, NY

Organized spaces for senior ease, mobility and simple upkeep

" A + all the way! It was a pleasure working with you Amy. The projects always resulted in positive, visible, hopeful ways. Thank you for befriending our 2 dogs as well. They miss you. See you to do the garage soon."

                                                                                                                          Jean H, Rochester, NY 

A successful set up of a new home

" I was lucky enough to find Amy at a busy time in my life. I was unable to unpack after a big move, and needed help! Amy saved the day, many days in fact. She had a great plan, and it took far less time than I imagined. From the moment she arrived until our session was over, she never sat down, ever! She worked until the project was done, even if I needed to rest. Amy helped me unpack and organize a 4 bedroom  2 bath, garage & finished basement in a very short amount of time. We really couldn't have done it without her."

Thank you Amy

​                                                                                                                        Hillary C. Rochester, NY

A clutter free basement

I am very happy with the hands on work that Amy provided and we were very productive in the time she spent here. She is a true professional & listened to my needs. I will highly recommend Amy to friends and family. It is so nice to have  less clutter! Thanks again!!"

                                                                                                                      Sharon T. Fairport, NY

Freedom from clutter

"Thankfully, I had the courage to call Amy. My messy home was making me crazy and causing me tons of stress. Amy is a true professional in every sense. She worked with me until I had systems in place that worked for me instead of against me."

                                                                                                                       ES. Rochester, NY

Decision time

"I took a leap of faith and signed up for an organizing package with Creative Solutions. It became clear through the process that the root of my problem was making decisions about each item. Amy helped me go through bins and bins of stuff; literally hundreds of items. Things run much more efficiently after using her organizing services and my home no longer feels like a storage facility packed to the ceiling. My home is now my haven"

                                                                                                                        Anonymous Rochester, NY 

Duplicates no more

"I have always struggled with keeping a neat house and was very disorganized. I think I picked up bad habits early on and my shopping addiction did not help. I had multiples of everything! When I couldn't find something I bought a new one. Amy helped me find a place for everything and I was able to get rid of duplicates that I no longer needed"

                                                                                                                          Erika G. Rochester, NY