Commonly asked questions about organizing.

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What is a professional organizer?

A professional organizer uses sound organizing principles to help create systems and processes that are customized to meet people's needs and support how they want to live and work.

I'm so embarrassed to have you see my space - what if it's the worst you have ever seen?

This is probably one of the most common concerns that I hear on the phone - and even as I am walking into a home for the first time. It's normal to not want anyone to see the parts of our lives and our spaces that are not "perfect". But, no one is perfect. Just like everyone else, unique circumstances have helped to shape what's happening in your life and your home. While I cannot tell you how to feel, I can tell you that I do not judge people for the mound of cloths on the floor or the piles of paper on the counter. My purpose is to help you create a space that looks good, feels comfortable, and is functional so that you can live the life you want to live.

Do you help everyone get organized in the same way?

Organizing is not "one size fits all". Each person, family and business has it's own issues, goals, and priorities, so the tools, materials, and techniques that work for you may not work for your friend, coworker or even your spouse. I strive to make sure that the solution meets the needs of everyone involved.

Are you going to make me throw everything away?

One misconception about professional organizers is that they come in with a dumpster and just start throwing everything out. As a professional organizer, I work with you by asking questions, making recommendations, and teaching you to make decisions that fit with your lifestyle and goals. While purging is part of the organizing process, the decision as to what to keep, donate, throw away , or sell is ultimately yours.

Do you provide cleaning services?

Vacuuming and wiping off shelves and other items does happen during an organizing session, especially when setting up systems and rearranging your belongings in a space. However, for deep cleaning and repair work, I am happy to provide the names of resources and other related professionals who offer the additional services you may need.

Do I need to go out and buy baskets, plastic containers, and organizing materials?

In most cases, it is usually best to wait until we have started sorting your items before running to the store and buying a collection of containers. Once the process has begun, it is common to discover that you do not need as many containers as you thought or that you actually have the materials you needready in your home.

What if my family does not understand why I want to pay a professional organizer when they have said they will help me get organized?

Many clients have shared that help from family members ended with mutual feelings of frustration, anger, resentment and misunderstandings. Although relatives can play an important role in the organizing process, they also can be too emotionally involved in or attached to you or the situation to offer meaningful, objective assistance. Hiring a professional organizer is no different than hiring any other professional when you need expertise and guidance to resolve a problem. A professional organizer gives you an objective and non-judgmental perspective,h  someone with whom you can process your situation, learn new skills, and make progress toward your organizing goals. Consider hiring a professional organizer as an investment in your present and future.

How long will it take to get my place organized?

Quite simply, clutter and disorganization happen over time, so reclaiming your space will not happen overnight. However, regardless of how much you have to organize, I will work as efficiently as possible to help you reach your goals, needs, budget and timeline. We can create a plan that allows the process to move forward at a comfortable pace for you and that also meets any deadlines you may have.

If you have any other specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me!