Amy, her affiliations & her code of ethics.

The Owner:

Hello, I am Amy.

I have always been a naturally organized person. Through the years I have used my organizing skills within a career in travel & tourism and as an administrative assistant and front office coordinator at a successful medical practice. I truly believe that an orderly environment decreases stress and anxiety, promotes rest and overall well being.

I work with all types of people, just like you and specialize in working with senior moving & downsizing clients as well as people who are disorganized due to life changing circumstances such as illness, chronic health issues, or care giving responsibilities. 

My journey to starting my organizing business started with losing my parents and grandmother within a short period of time while working a full time job. I was a caregiver for my mother battling cancer and my grandmother with dementia. I then had to make decisions on important family possessions that filled my home and how to honor my loved ones. I quickly learned that being organized was essential to myself as a care giver and to the well being of my loved ones. Developing organized spaces and schedules helps decrease stress and anxiety and create spaces of rest which allows you to take care of you!


Professional organizing:

I as a professional organizer apply organizing principles to your spaces and schedule to reduce clutter and increase functionality to the space for you. I will bring solutions that fit your lifestyle & needs. I will coach you in developing skills to maintain your newly organized space. While working together I serve each client with confidentiality, understanding, compassion and respect.

Phone: 585-202-8498